Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sexy Girl Pantie and Bra sets (a sissy girl can never have to many)

Bra and Pantie Sets

I just love panties and Bras, They are by their very definition girly, feminine, sexy. They are a sissy girls best friend. I love getting out of the shower in the morning after a fresh smooth shave and picking out a lacy, girly pantie and bra set. The feeling as my panties slide over my smooth legs and fit naturaly in their place is one which re-inforces my deeper and deeper inevitable feminization. I can't get enougth.

Matching lingerie sets make it so easy to shop for bras and panties. I've put together a girly assortment of the sexiest sheer bras, skimpy g-strings, panties and garter belts for all us sissy girls.

Some of these sets i own, some i will soon. Everything here is on my wishlist. When i finally get a man, he is going to be treated to so much variety!

Happy shopping! lauren x



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