Saturday, 11 December 2010

Hmm Sorry Ive gone about quiet here!

Hey! Welcome to my 7 followers of this blog! Sorry this blog has gone a little quiet of late, will be picking this up again and posting the cutest, girliest, most feminine items you can possibly imagine! Have been a little busy being a very naughty girl and developing a new sissy website.

Speak very soon! lauren x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Sexy Girl Pantie and Bra sets (a sissy girl can never have to many)

Bra and Pantie Sets

I just love panties and Bras, They are by their very definition girly, feminine, sexy. They are a sissy girls best friend. I love getting out of the shower in the morning after a fresh smooth shave and picking out a lacy, girly pantie and bra set. The feeling as my panties slide over my smooth legs and fit naturaly in their place is one which re-inforces my deeper and deeper inevitable feminization. I can't get enougth.

Matching lingerie sets make it so easy to shop for bras and panties. I've put together a girly assortment of the sexiest sheer bras, skimpy g-strings, panties and garter belts for all us sissy girls.

Some of these sets i own, some i will soon. Everything here is on my wishlist. When i finally get a man, he is going to be treated to so much variety!

Happy shopping! lauren x

Monday, 28 June 2010

As a proper sissy girly girl, I love cute Lingerie

Hello, welcome to my new Girly wardrobe blog. I wanted a place to show off all of the cute things I have bought and to showcase the amazing amount of cute, sassy, feminine and girly things there are for lucky sissies like us to wear.

So i want to start with panties. They are pure femininity and i love wearing them. The more cute, sassy and girly girl the better. They are the first item of clothing to go on and if your very lucky the last item to be peeled off. There are so many different kinds, and each pair feels deliciously naughty, very girly and amazing against freshly shaved baby smooth skin. I own so many now, i have lost count. I Havent worn anything else now for nearly a year. The following items are all panties i have stumbled upon on the internet, could not resist, and subsequently had to buy. They all reside proudly in my panty draw and get worn on a frquent basis. I love panties and if you are a sissy you should to. 
I have bought countless items from this amazing company. Their collections are to die for. Here are some of the most amazing things which i have purchased (could not resist!).
Not just panties but whole irresistable sets. The panties are the icing on the cake. Again i have spent a fortune on some of these collections. Here are some of the things i own. Being a sissy girl girl can be expensive but on the other hand i am such a lucky girl to have so many gorgeous outfits.

I love these outfits and wear them often. I have to be feeling super girly and love putting them on after a fresh shave and full body lotion. I make sure i am all blushed pink underneath to compliment the outfit and wear some pink lip gloss to match, hmmmmmmm

This oufit was a real impulse buy, expensive but wow, totaly worth it. It feels super sexy and sassy to wear and just cries out 'make love to me', super humiliating, feminine and gorgeous.

Super sassy and really a huge statement about my inevitable feminization, the bra feels amazing, the skirt and lace tickle your smooth thighs. When you look in the mirror you just see cute girl.

This string thong has stretch piping and tiny organza ruffles along all the edges... what a sweet girly detail! I just had to have it, the stockings are gorgeous to. I just feel so sweet and girly in this.

Of course while i was browsing i had to pick up a few pairs of panties, a sissy girl can never have enougth panties.



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